Sunday, August 2, 2009

A day before my 365th day in the states

A Sunday without work, makes me feel a little empty and the heat of summer. It's hot in my house and every where else. I planned a lot of things to do, but didn't do any during the day. Finally I went for jogging on the Johnson Field to get rid of all the extra energy. And finished reading some of the books I borrowed from the UNM fine arts library.

There're a few I really like are Elliott Erwitt's 'Personal Exposures' and 'Handbook', Bruce Davidson 'East 100 Street' and 'Circus'. Well, looking at famous artists work always gives me new ideas. But on this lazy, it inspired me to look at my hard drive to seek some old stuff.

I do need to work on my portfolio to seek a job in a bigger newspaper. Since Albuquerque Journal is not hiring anyone. Santa Fe, Las Cruces,... or somewhere in New Mexico or in other state. Nowadays, photographers are just becoming cheap labors.

One good news, we are going to launch the new Daily Lobo website ( very soon. This is the biggest thing I've done since I joined this newspaper. I am very excited about that.

And also tomorrow will be my 365th day in the U.S., which means I haven't seen my family in a year. I should cook some Chinese food to celebrate that I survived here. (Well, my mon once said 'If you can survive in China, you can survive anywhere.' She is probably right.)