Saturday, November 7, 2009


a photo from a funeral I shot this morning, but I'm afraid of entering a Catholic church

Last time I updated this blog was more than three months ago.

A week ago I was in Austin, TX for the National College Media Convention. I came back on Sunday and went directly from the airport to work. And the next day, I felt that story of I was having fun in Austin is a long time ago.

And today is just a week from the Austin trip but I don't feel the distance is only seven days long. However, it makes me feel that's more than that.

Well, everything is going well, school, working at the Lobo, girlfriend and myself. Except our football team is 0-8 now, I dare saying they will be 0-9 tonight.

Sometimes happiness is really simple and easy, a 'Good night babe!' from girlfriend, a 'Good job!' from boss, a 'Thank you!' from a stranger...... something like that

I brought some photo ideas back from Austin. Will work them these days. Maybe I can finish one or two independent projects soon.