Wednesday, March 31, 2010

PBR: a story of falling

March 28, I got a chance to cover the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Invitational at the Pit in Albuquerque. Thank you Jack Carnefix(PBR senior manager of public relations) for giving me the credential.

Along with this gallery, I have another gallery on the Daily Lobo's website:

Besides, I have a quote from another photographer Frank Martin,
'$10,000 or wheelchair, it's your choice'

Saturday, March 27, 2010

night walk

Lorry's cross and unfinished painting

Lorry at the Central&Cornell bus station, in front of the Frontier Restaurant; He comes here almost everyday to wait for a chance to take the food people left on the table

I had a random night walk on Central Ave. tonight and I had a random conversation with this Native American, Drunk, Homeless, Artist

I guess this is my first time taking photos of a Native American and this is the beginning of my 'Homeless' project

Friday, March 26, 2010

back to real

a UNM baseball player walking back to the field on March 26

Back from an 'extended' Spring Break, I have to adjust my life back to school and work again
I was delayed by the United Airline twice at the Minneapolis airport which made my break in Minnesota longer

Found new scholarships to apply for, got tax to do, got homework to make up........
gotta prepare for the final week

Good things is finally I booked the flight back to China this summer
I'm counting down days now, 53 days till I fly back home
Very excited.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

one year loseversary

@Thomas&Mack Center, Las Vegas, 2009

I still remember the photo I took last year at Las Vegas after New Mexico lost the semifinal game versus Utah at the Mountain West Conference Basketball Tournament
The girls lost the game to the same team again after a heartbreaking overtime

I am not going to the tournament this year
instead I'm enjoying working as a temporary photo editor at the Daily Lobo, editing other freelance photographers' photos and I don't shoot any assignments this week

hopefully the Men's team could make to NCAA Tournament Sweet 16, then I will get the chance to go and cover it

six and half hour later will be my last mid-term exam
gonna get some sleep then do some review again

I want spring break so bad

BTW, I got an email tonight telling me that I am one of the winners of the UNM ISI program summer scholarships.
Thank you Jim Fisher and Catherine Harris for the recommendation letters.
And thank you Jim Montalbano for editing my project proposal.

Looking forward to do my summer documentary project in China.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

if lost, relax

@UNM football practice

A sense of symmetrical is always in my mind when taking photos, doing drawing, making objects
I guess that's because of the Chinese culture
writing a movie analysis on Coen Brother's movie "a serious man" for my expository writing class, it is due at 4pm today, last night I watched this movie the second time, I say this is really well made, now forget about "burn after reading"

grant and scholarship applications are almost done, today I found some other grant opportunities, deadlines are close, I have to hurry up

Adrienne said the UNM Photo Program is going change the south darkroom to a lighting studio, I got so upset of hearing that, is film photography really dying? I still think that is a stupid question to ask people

finally framed a few photos for display in the UNM Student Union Building, very excited to tell my parents

planning on to make a short film this weekend with a digital camera

thinking of taking the LAND/ART New Mexico program next semester

got so many things going on in my mind
I really want to get out of school
but I am planning on applying for grad school, Photojournalism? MFA in Art Studio?

Do artist or photojournalist really need a degree?
I bet you will say NO.

waw, it is already March 2
Valentines Day was more than two weeks ago
St. Patrick's Day is about two weeks later
let's get ready for the green beer
(last year, I was having a great time in Las Vegas.
This year, I will be in Minneapolis, or maybe Chicago.
Looking forward to that)