Monday, January 31, 2011

the other side of the fence is another world-Part One

On the other side of the fence is another world

I took another trip to Juárez last Thursday to start my project in Colonial Anapra. On my way crossing the border back on Sunday, the US border patrol asked me if I went to Juárez by myself.
I said yes.
Her respond was "You are so brave."
Before I left for this trip, so many of my friends told me not to go, regarding the violence.
I did not really listen to them but I got scared everyday by reading the number of people being killed from the news everyday.

I called my parents the day before I left, the only thing I said was "I think if I don't bother anybody, nobody's going to bother me." My parents are in China, and media there don't really talked about the drug related violence on the border of the U.S and Mexico. One reason was there's no Chinese media there. Because of that, my parents don't know what is going on in Juárez.

The next post, I will talk about what I've done in Juárez.

I took the photo below on Saturday after the bi-national anti-war, anti-racism protest on the border.
Those kids are holding the balloons they got from the people on the U.S side. On their left is the fence which divides the land into two different countries. In the back is the Mount Criso Rey which is on the intersection of New Mexico, Texas and Mexico.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

art in war time

The Daily Lobo published those two photos on Monday's issue.
I see it as the beginning of my project in Juárez, México. I've visited a lot of people on UNM campus today to talk to them about my project idea and see if they are interested in giving grants.
And I am also trying to get into an independent study class with this new project in the Communication & Journalism Dept.

I will have a lot more people to talk to tomorrow.
Hope everything goes well and I can accomplish what I expect!

Doris Judith Loera, 8, shows her painting of Anne Frank in the Amigo en Cristo Community Center in Colonia Anapra, Juárez , Mexico on Jan. 8. Loera says children in Juárez are locked in the house due to drug-related violence, and she said Anne Frank’s captivity was similar.

Ana Karen Garcia,11,(right) and her sister Samanta Garcia, 9, swing while displaying their paintings in the Juárez center Jan. 8. Children in Colonia Anapra go to the community center for art class every Saturday. Artists from Juárez teach classes.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Portraits from CE.RE.SO

When I was doing the week long internship with Gallup Independent, the three photographers (Adron Gardner, Brian Leddy, Cable Hoover)there helped me editing the whole portrait project.

Here are the final picks:

Talking about working for the Gallup Independent, I had a really good time there. I covered different stories in different pueblos, drove on icy road early in the morning, had really surprising welcome from the natives in Zuni pueblo...... Of course, I learned a lot from the three photographers.

Thank you all!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monday ride-a-long in Gallup

I got a ride-a-long with the Gallup Police Dept tonight from 8pm-12am. I was sad when I heard the police officer told me that I am not allowed to get out of the police car because I won't be protect myself since I don't have a weapon with me.

Four hours, three domestic violence, three drunk in public
on a Monday night

It makes me want to start a project with the Albuquerque Police Dept to do a ride-a-long on Central Ave. every week.
Gallup police officer Lionel Desiderio takes Wilbert Hardy from the parking lot of the Butler's to the police car and then brings him to the NCI which is a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center in Gallup, NM on Jan. 4, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

the new one won't come until the old go

旧的不去,新的不来,the new one won't come until the old go
this is what we say in Chinese after we lost something, in order to make ourselves feel better

New Year's Day, I drove to Gallup with Pat to have a few days of freelance work with the Gallup Independent and my personal project in the Navajo Nation.
It is 15 degree cold than Albuquerque. Driving in the now is a little bit dangerous, I really hope my little car could survive these days.

A member of the UTEP marching band leaves the University Stadium in Albuquerque, NM during the half time show at the 5th Annual New Mexico Bowl on Dec. 19th.

I think this is only time during the break I don't want school to start too soon. A lot of new projects going on, that makes me just want to stay working.

ps: I am really nervous about waiting to get letters back from the Star Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle summer internship these days.
And I have a few more internships with smaller newspapers to apply.

Good luck to myself and everyone at Daily Lobo that is applying for summer internships.