Monday, September 22, 2014

Making a picture at a football game

It was sunny all day, but started to rain 2 hours before the game (Western Michigan's first home game of the season) And then it stopped a few minutes before the game, sun came out. 

When I saw this sunset happening at the Waldo Stadium, I still had rain gear and cover on all my equipments. 
I always want to make some pictures at football games that are not about the game actions. I think this will be a recent one that will make me happy for a while. Well, at least, till the next game. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kid Rock, my first time covering a big name concert

Saturday, I finally had a chance to photograph my first big name concert. 
It was Kid Rock. 
I have to be honest that I don't really know his music and I use "I'm a foreigner" as an excuse.

Arriving at the Allegan County Fair two hours early, and got stuck in parking traffic for almost 45 minutes. And I still have to wait for the warming up artists to finish for an hour. 

In between those times, I had the security warning me not to take a single photo of the spectator or the stage before the concert start. And I was only allowed to photograph 3 songs.

It was still a great experience of learning how to work in this kind of situation and trying to get most (best) pictures out of a limited time period of being there.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Updates with last week's football, Western Michigan University vs Purdue and high school

Here are some updates from last week's football coverage, first game of the season
Western Michigan vs Purdue and Portage Central HS vs Mattawan HS