Tuesday, January 11, 2011

art in war time

The Daily Lobo published those two photos on Monday's issue.
I see it as the beginning of my project in Juárez, México. I've visited a lot of people on UNM campus today to talk to them about my project idea and see if they are interested in giving grants.
And I am also trying to get into an independent study class with this new project in the Communication & Journalism Dept.

I will have a lot more people to talk to tomorrow.
Hope everything goes well and I can accomplish what I expect!

Doris Judith Loera, 8, shows her painting of Anne Frank in the Amigo en Cristo Community Center in Colonia Anapra, Juárez , Mexico on Jan. 8. Loera says children in Juárez are locked in the house due to drug-related violence, and she said Anne Frank’s captivity was similar.

Ana Karen Garcia,11,(right) and her sister Samanta Garcia, 9, swing while displaying their paintings in the Juárez center Jan. 8. Children in Colonia Anapra go to the community center for art class every Saturday. Artists from Juárez teach classes.

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