Tuesday, March 2, 2010

if lost, relax

@UNM football practice

A sense of symmetrical is always in my mind when taking photos, doing drawing, making objects
I guess that's because of the Chinese culture
writing a movie analysis on Coen Brother's movie "a serious man" for my expository writing class, it is due at 4pm today, last night I watched this movie the second time, I say this is really well made, now forget about "burn after reading"

grant and scholarship applications are almost done, today I found some other grant opportunities, deadlines are close, I have to hurry up

Adrienne said the UNM Photo Program is going change the south darkroom to a lighting studio, I got so upset of hearing that, is film photography really dying? I still think that is a stupid question to ask people

finally framed a few photos for display in the UNM Student Union Building, very excited to tell my parents

planning on to make a short film this weekend with a digital camera

thinking of taking the LAND/ART New Mexico program next semester

got so many things going on in my mind
I really want to get out of school
but I am planning on applying for grad school, Photojournalism? MFA in Art Studio?

Do artist or photojournalist really need a degree?
I bet you will say NO.

waw, it is already March 2
Valentines Day was more than two weeks ago
St. Patrick's Day is about two weeks later
let's get ready for the green beer
(last year, I was having a great time in Las Vegas.
This year, I will be in Minneapolis, or maybe Chicago.
Looking forward to that)

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