Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mr. Grumble

This is the season of anger
I really feel these days I get angry very easily

The day before yesterday I got back from Minneapolis
today I feel the weather in Albuquerque is like summer
that makes me angry

This morning I went to the Metropolitan Court for no seat belt on in my car while waiting for a cop
I couldn't pass the security check because I have my cell phone with
I couldn't put in my vehicle because I biked there
I couldn't put in the locker they provide because I didn't have a quarter
Outside of the courthouse, there's a Mexican lady sitting there to keep people's cellphones, but she charges me a dollar
that makes me angry

UNM baseball practicing @Isotope Park

I think I used to say getting a good moment is like orgasm
But taking photos is to get good moments not just about getting good moments
Just like having sex is get orgasm not just about getting orgasm
I got really tired of hearing people at work and in class, talking about the assignments and using the term 'to get the moment'
Can you please think of something else to use, instead of this word 'moment'
I'm so tired of this
I know most of the photographs are just moments, they happened in less than a second
that makes me angry

I get tired of people telling me print journalism is dying
that makes me angry

I'm getting tired of checking airfares
I really miss my family, I haven't seen my parents more than two years
But why it costs me so much money to go back
that makes me angry

I remember I used to take photos of some suicide scenes by theatre major students and tricking other people that i was a crime scene photographer
I did worked as a crime scene photographer before but that was scary and nasty
I did enjoyed taking photos of the theatre scenes but those were not real
when I looked at the photographs I really want to throw them away
artificial light, artificial scenes, artificial setting, artificial costumes, artificial stories, artificial music,artificial dialogues, artificial face expressions......
that makes angry

Sometimes I feel good while watching people doing what they are doing
I'm an invisible man~~~~
Sitting in a theatre watching a rehearsal, the background music is Lady Gaga
Please save me God, I swear I don't want to hear this AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA anymore
that makes angry

a girl dancing at the rehearsal of the new coming show Dead Man Cell Phone @Theatre X

In this 21st century we have too much entertainment to satisfy us
We are forced to watch so many advertisements, that's more than enough
We have too much choices in clothing stores, in toy stores, in record stores, in movie stores, in restaurants……..
We spent too much money on communication, cell phone, mail, internet, cable
but we still don't think our communication is good

Do we have a lot of what we need
Are we still complaining

We are just so hard to satisfy
Designers keep on killing themselves
that makes me angry

In all
I really want to graduate soon
I don't care if it's a tiny apartment
I hope not
Although I enjoyed flying back and forth between albuquerque and minneapolis again and again
But it costs me a lot of money
that makes me angry

This afternoon, I realized that I get angry easily
On my way to McDonald, a guy gave me a flyer saying "Stress Relief"
"Only $30 for a complete private treatment"
I guess I should stop advertising
that makes me angry


No matter what
I really really need to get all my scholarship/grant applications done before March 1
Wish me good luck

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