Friday, December 31, 2010

Cuauhtémoc, Mexico

For the past three days, I went to Cuauhtemoc, Mexico with the Better Together Mexico project which is a Christian missionary. I was documenting the whole trip.

Also, I photographed a portrait series in this jail in Cuauhtemoc. I got back to Albuquerque last night, and quickly picked one from the series. Here it is:

A inmate with his family in the Cuauhtemoc jail on Dec, 29, 2010.

On my way back from this trip, I was planning on the next project in Anapra, Mexico. Anapra is only 10 minutes away from Juarez, Mexico which is having the drug war going on nowadays.
For the new project, I want to use the idea of Kids with Cameras in the movie of Born Into Brothels. I will try to save some money and get some donations to buy cameras for the kids in Anapra. Hoping I can bring the photos the kid took back to New Mexico and have an exhibition to get some money to make kids' lives better.

Last day of 2010, a lot of new projects and hope in the coming year.
Happy New Year!

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