Wednesday, March 6, 2013

back from so cal

I just got back from southern California for the Sports Shooter Academy workshop, had some fun making new friends and shooting surfing, mostly sunset time.

So here are some updates, I got accepted to the Colorado Springs Gazette for my summer internship. I am hoping to work very  hard when I get there and they will extend my intern till December.

The yearly fine art magazine Conceptions Southwest that I am managing just finished all the design work, now we are working on copy editing. Hopefully, we can send it to the print by the end of spring break.

And I am planning on going back to China at the beginning of next year. If I can find a job at a big daily newspaper or a wire service will be wonderful. Good luck to myself!


  1. Really good shots here Junfu. I have no doubts you will do well in Colorado this summer.