Saturday, January 30, 2010

may i have your story

Today is the first day I started knocking on people's doors and asking 'could you please tell me your story?' It used to be my ideal way of taking photos. But today I made the first step. I felt awkward when I was standing in front of the first house I want to 'bother'. Of course I got a 'No'.The second one I felt that I was like a bible salesman. The third one I got over everything.
I went to Rio Bravo Mobile Home Park which is the place every time I drove by I told myself I need to go to and take photos. I have a lot of this kind of places on my shooting list. The result turns out not bad.

Knocked on 55 people's doors. Explained the same thing (just introduce myself and my project). Asked the same question 'do you mind tell me your love story'.
51 said 'No';
3 said 'Not right now, but you can come back tomorrow' ;
1 said 'Si, vienen en' !!!!!!!

with Mom sitting on couch in the back, 9-year old Ariana and her 5-month old dog Modita. Ariana and her elder sister Alejandra did all translation, since their parents don't speak English at all

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