Sunday, July 5, 2009

back from Rainbow Gathering

Finally I got back Cuba, New Mexico...Even though I was walking in the Sante Fe National Forest looking for my car for at least four hours. With my vocabulary, I can only use the words 'Great' , ' Amazing' and ' Fantastic' to describe everything, but I swear it is much more than that.
Honestly, my first time hearing about this gathering was last Sunday at the budget meeting. Then I checked their website and wikipedia page, figured it out it was gonna be very cool to go and join, though I'd heard there would be a lot of drug use and crazy people( definitely I won't tell my mom about those things).
There were two days camping out with a lot of people in the forest, a place without internet or cell phone service. People put their information on the bulletin board so their friends would be able to find them.

One hour after I got there, I turned my cell phone off.

'You are in Cuba,New Mexico, but here is not Mountain Time anymore. IT'S RAINBOW TIME.’
Third of July, it was getting dark, people were siting there with empty bowls and bottles, waiting for the food and water to be served. The upside-down national flag might seems to offend a lot of people...but they are hippies

Fourth of July. In the morning, it was all silent: no people talked, just gathered there, praying for peace...Then it started to rain.

I was hoping I could stay longer, but unfortunately I had to work on Sunday. I am going next year if I am still in this country.

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  1. I hope you got to see the double rainbow on the fourth, your pictures are beautiful