Thursday, July 9, 2009

photographers are poor people

Have you ever heard of a journalist or a photographer that was a millionaire? I asked my mom this question when we were talking on the phone. Before I said that, she was telling me to save money so I will be able to buy a house or get married....which are the things she thinks are good for me but which also cost a lot of money.

She was upset when I told her the bad news--that the only one way for a photographer to become rich is to win the lottery. Hopefully, one day she will understand, why her son left the shitty country he grew up in and came here to get a job which will never make him rich.
But the good news I told her before I hang up is I am still buying a lottery ticket every week.

Well, I know I always have an excuse for why I am always lack of money, but at least I pay my rent on time every month. But I am thinking about to live in my car in the future, probably in November.

three portrait shots from the Rainbow Gathering 2009

ps, I'm still working on the audio editing(that's pain in the ass), hopefully I can finish the sound slides before the weekend


  1. Great right up. I kind of can relate to you. It took my mom awhile to understand that I love taking pictures and that I didn't want the corporate life behind a desk.

  2. I spent a long time to persuade my mom, this is my favorite job and I can do good on it. Now,She is 8,000 miles away, so I don't have to worry a lot about her.