Thursday, July 23, 2009

football + yoga

When I got Issac's message yesterday, I laughed out.
The first request I received this week is to take photos of the UNM football players doing yoga. It would be fun to watch those people that are huge doing yoga which is the thing mostly for skinny people and they do it very slow.

A few players showed up, but the ones that attended were concentrated on doing yoga. Very soon, I figured out they seemed more interested in looking that the yoga teacher than doing yoga. ( This is the universal phenomenon but wouldn't been included in the reporter's article.)
Issac told me this lady is Mike Locksley's wife. And Mike Locksley is the UNM football head coach.

ps, Hope UNM football team could do a good job in the coming season. (At least, should be better than last year.)
Well, I really don't understand why the Mountain West Conference has a stupid preseason poll, which picked the Lobos to finish in the 7th place in the 2009 race. ( I don't want to deny the fact that the Lobos didn't do a good job before, but the preseason poll couldn't do any good to motivate the college students. Come on, they are just college kids.)

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