Sunday, February 13, 2011

the other side of the fence is another world -Part Three

Finally, I have some time to work on the photos from the last trip to Juárez.
I found a cheaper price to process film at Costco which is $2 each roll, comparing to $6 at Walgreen, it is much better. The next a few days, I will scan all the photos taken by the children and post them on the blog. But I will probably cancel the plan of going to Juárez this weekend, since I'm sick.

The reason I chose to do the project in Anapra, Juárez: 1. it is just by the fence of the U.S and Mexico; 2, the people are really poor and friendly there; 3, the children I met at the Amigos en Cristo community center are very smart and creative.

I really enjoy visiting every family in Anapra, taking photos of the family. My Spanish is not very good, but I have the have best teachers in the world-- the kids. And sometimes, I feel that going to a place without speaking the language very well, I have to try different ways to communicate with them. Everything is based on trust.

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