Thursday, February 3, 2011


UNM closes for two days due to the bad weather. Since I've been to Minnesota last year, this is not that bad for me. But people in New Mexico think it is terrible.

I went on an assignment about the shelters opening for homeless people today.
The things I saw there makes me really sad.

Before I left the Noon Day Ministries, an 18-year-old boy asked me if I would like to hear his story.I said yes. But because of the deadline, I had to leave early.
I told him that I will be back there tomorrow again to do a story on him.
He agrees.

I feel sorry for his life, especially he is that young. For me, as a young college journalist, there is only certain things I can do to help him, but I really hope he will have a better life in the future.
I will have a follow up story.

Below is the photo I took today.

Justin Beatwright kisses his girlfriend Jenn Janet at the Noon Day Ministries Wednesday night.

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